In addition to music, I also love visiting haunted/weird/scary places all over the world.  In 2010, I co-wrote a book called "Chicago Haunted Handbook" with Jeff Morris. You can buy the book here:

I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and in 2007 I started I think we all have questions about what happens after we leave this earthly plane and that's exactly what pushed me to find evidence for life after death.

I currently live in Phoenix, AZ, but because I drive 18 wheelers all over the country I get the opportunity to check out cool and interesting places with a dark or weird history. If you have a story that has to with ANYTHING paranormal, whether its ghosts, ufos and abductions or even just stories around spiritual synchronicity, please message me at I would love to help you tell your story. If you have any additional photo or video evidence please also feel free to send. I'd love to interview you!  We can film and investigate your home or work or wherever you experienced your.... well... experience. 

Here are some of the latest videos from some of creepiest places: